Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two for Tuesday

A short while back, Polyvore hosted a contest featuring "Net-a-Porter" and we were asked to design looks for 10 different styles. One of them was "the New New Look". Most people didn't do the research and didn't achieve a true "new new look". THIS...

Miu Miu Corset Mini Dress

Is the new new look. The New Look, as many fashion designers and industry-centric folks will tell you, ...well I'll let Wikipedia tell you since they do it better than I could.

"The New Look was the name given to the women's clothing fashions introduced by Parisian fashion designer Christian Dior in the spring of 1947. This collection influenced fashion and other designers for over ten years. The signature shape – characterized by a below-mid-calf length, full-skirt, large bust, and small waist – was hugely popular after a short initial period of rejection, largely in reaction to the short, skimpy dresses required by wartime textile rationing.

So, basically you're average mid-century "Donna Reed" silhouette was "the new look". This is the new "new look. Again, emphasis on the breasts, tight bodice, full skirt...just shorter and more ballerina like. But it takes STYLE to make this fashionable dress come alive.

"Papahs in My Pocket" by marinagordon

This set I love because it gathers trendy elements and puts them together in a new way. I love the proportions of the super short skirt and the chunky wedge booties. Of course the hat is gorgeous and the vest gives the whole look an off kilter edge, sending a message to the people declaring what this chick is all about. Very hard rock, I love it.

"Pandora's Box" by guccilovexo

This is a far more um...i don't know, traditional take on the dress, but it's no less surprising. When I see the dress, i think of ah, tuxedo-ish look, with maybe a bow tie and some wedge boots...something ultra-modern. What guccilovexo did here though, was take this ultra-modern dress and send it back a few decades. It fits, but at the same time, there's something very unusual about it. LOVE the setting, and i love those shoes with the dress. They are perfect.


Sarah said...

Great post...I don't think I even really understood it, but now I do :-)

Karmander said...

thanks! there's an online retail store called "New Look" and it complicated my research too so I don't blame folks for "making assumptions". I'm just a virgo, what can I say :)