Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unprecedented Narcissim

I admit it, I am a closet narcissist. I'm not going to sicken you with details, but I...well, I like me. So, in a bold and disgusting move of unbridled narcissism, I'd like to take a look back at the sets that have won contests for me.

1. The Latest - American Eagle Summer Stylin' - Second Place

I did not expect to place here. Thanks go out to American Eagle for using excellent judgement in all the sets selected AND giving me the honor to be amongst them. All is forgiven for getting the results to us 2 days late :)

2.Inspired by Covers Contest - First place and 10th place

I hoped I would win this, as it is more often than not "what i do" on polyvore. I take an image, i gather inspiration from it, and I make a set. I didn't expect THIS particular set to win, because let's be honest, the art here is by Zac Posen, not me. But I'm glad his genius was appreciated.

And I won't be blamed for this placing because I didn't even ENTER it in the contest.

3.Hayden Harnett Styling Contest - Second Place and Third Place

Even I was humbled by this. We were allowed to enter 2 sets,and I placed twice. I think it probably pissed a lot of people off, but...i swear to God, I didn't fix the votes! Hand to Bible, I had nothing to do with this other than making the sets, and even then, it's the designers, not me, who deserve credit.

But this contest was like winning the Oscar for me, and I am so grateful to all who voted. I love my bag! It's by my side at this very moment.

4.Halloween Contest - Third place

Dracula...always a winner.

5.Old is New Contest - First Place

I'm quite proud of this win, actually. It's very "gokarm" with the waistcoat and the socks and old lace shoes...and the cameo. My gift certificate from them went a long way and I got a lot of beautiful things Modcloth, it's totally worth it!

6.The first - Celebrity Look Contest - Third Place

Quite frankly, I was shocked when this came in at ALL, seeing as how it's a boy, and that boy is a crackhead...but honestly, he's got great style, despite his deadly addiction, and it's not his fault he's particularly susceptible to addiction. I'm praying for you, Pete! So my thanks to the Polyvore team for rewarding this set :).

So that's the lot.

Is it safe to say "I know what I'm talking about" yet?


Anonymous said...

LOL, I might as well CONGRATULATE you on all your wins and wins to come now!!!!!!!Hmmm I think the celeb one ( though there were a couple of yours in that bunch I thought better !)and the dracula one ( you should have placed before me) are my Faves! Cheers to you G

Anonymous said...

that was me but for some reason it didn't print my name


Karmander said...

Thanks B!

I knew it was you ;-) The "Dracula" comment tipped me off.

lulucool said...

ooh, you are certainly, the most deserving winner of polyvore :)))))