Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vintage Wednesdays

"Picnic in the Countryside" by Stylebubble

Okay, so most of this is not even remotely vintage...okay, none of it is. But that's not what Vintage Wednesdays are about. These clothes...a shirt and a pair of shorts...have so much character, texture, charm and charisma, that it should inspire anyone to check out the local thrift shop in hopes of finding such gems. Like Keith Richards, some things just get better with wrinkles. It's aptly named, the floral patchwork of the top is nothing if not perfect for a picnic. The shorts look sexy and comfortable and i just ADORE their button; big, fabric covered, like a pimped out belly button. I'm going to have to show this set to my sister too, because I KNOW she'll love that bag. I'm not big on flowers on bags but it definitely works with this ensamble. And I think the absence of shoes only go to show that this chick is barefoot in the grass, and I say, bravo to her!