Friday, June 13, 2008

"I Am Human and I Need to Be Laaa-ooooved!" by Ducktape

"Haven't Had a Dream in a Long Time" by Henedina

Is this Gokarm Gratification Day or something? Within the last two hours, I see that two of my favorite polyvorian friends have done something extraordinary. They mozzified freakin' awesome sets! That's right, Mozzy has become a verb, deal with it. These sets are fantastic by themselves, of course. The salmony pretty pink and black is fresh...appealing with a touch of a dark shadow accompanying it...awwwesome. And the sheer awesomeness of everything in Henedina's set...well...that's it, it's just awesome! I think even Morrissey himself would be pleased to see what inspiration his words have wrought.