Saturday, August 30, 2008

A couple more

Didn't I say it's more like my Birthweek than my Birthday? This BEAUTIFUL creation is a gift from Henedina (look her up, she does brilliant work on polyvore).

I love how dark and mysterious and whimsical it is. The birds and the birdsnest hair lady in the back and those rich, thought-provoking items throughout...And she thinks this is a rush job? Sheesh! Girl's too good :D

And KathiD made me this set awhile back and I wanted to put it on my page so I'd have it forever. Isn't it wackadoo and lovely?!?


lovemejessy said...

Ahh Travis song! Love it XD These are so gorgeous.. the first one steals my heart in so many ways. I adore that McQueen coat! And the second set is so soft and beautiful. Hope you don't mind me tagging you! See my blog for the survey XD

lovemejessy said...

Oh that song was on another blog. Hmm that must have had you confused! LOL sorry hun :P