Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The first time I saw this, I thought "Majorly cool!" It was an impulsive response, I'm sure you've had them too and know what I'm talking about. For me, this set is all about the marriage of the items.There's not a lot here. A dress, shoes, earrings, a clutch, a glass of sangria and a Picasso. 6 pieces. But if you added a single thing, the whole look would feel a little heavier than it does right now. This is light and effortless, and yet so striking and stand-outish for the degree of difficulty in putting it together. A GREAT use of the inspiration piece. Also, Angel4e's sets come with a FREE short story! Definitely check her out!


Angel4e said...

Oh my, what a lovely surprise! I'm thrilled!
Thank you so much, and your words, the critique is so flattering. I'm really glad you like it and thank you for analyzing it.

You made my day!


Karmander said...

you're very, very welcome!