Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Street Style Thursdays

folds in your hands
folds in your hands by chloe por el mar featuring All Saints

Welcome to Street Style Thursdays at Imprisoned Whimsy Headquarters! The above entry from chloe por el mar used a real world fashionista as her inspiration for this set. For those new to this blog, Street Style Thursdays is all about celebrating fashion in a real world way; outfits that one could actually step out of the house wearing and looking fabulous. I chose this set because I like that the outfit is not a direct translation, it's merely tapping into the feel of the clothes and how you would feel wearing them. In some ways I prefer the re-imagining of this outfit because there is a bit more color and interest than the expected black and white. And I LOVE that green parka. But you sort of need the real world reference there to convince me that it could be pulled off, and that's precisely why I love inspiration pieces. They justify your crazy vision, don't they? Well done, chloe por el mar!