Thursday, August 27, 2009


Music A to Z - Elton John
Music A to Z - Elton John by kirakay featuring GAP accessories

You ladies and gentlemen AREN'T making it easy on me, are you? I've seen so many fabulous sets today, I was nearly at a loss to pick the set of the day today. I chose this set by kirakay at long last because I think she makes fantastic use of familiar and generic items to create something striking and unique. I mean, take that necklace, for instance. Who in Polyvore hasn't at least SEEN that necklace? It's the fourth most popular necklace right now and for good reason. I know I've used it at least twice in the last couple of days. Also, she used a basic black boot, a basic black belt, and basic aviators. Yeah, they're cool, and can amp up any boring old outfit. But then she throws them on with that kelly green dress. *throws hands up* Well!

That's just ... I mean, who thinks of that? Brilliant! The scarf is perfect as well, the subtle print keeps things visually interesting, and frankly, without that scarf, it almost doesn't work. You need that hint of grey to tie together the black and green. Furthermore, the incorporation of Elton John just works. it just does, everything your mind tells you about Elton John is applied to the set, so what you're thinking is "funky, fun, gay, happy, groovy, music, YEAH!!!"