Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For those of you who don't know, "The Boyfriend Blazer" got its term because it looks like you grabbed it out of your boyfriend's closet, just like the boyfriend jeans...same idea. Many a woman knows the charm of wearing your boyfriend or husband's clothes...it smells like him, it's a constant reminder of him, and it's like he's holding you all day.

The big slouchy jacket with shoulder pads was locked in a vault marked "1988" until, what 2007, 2008? Sometime around there. Women in the 80's workforce literally dressed like linebackers in an effort to appear more masculine, less weak and driven to achievment in the dog eat dog workforce world. Since then, style has chilled a bit, and femininity in the workplace can actually have it's advantages. Thusly, you wouldn't expect the boyfriend blazer to come back into vogue. it's a big, boxy, overwhelming shape and some would probably still consider it unattractive. But not if you wear it right.

Downtown LA 2
Downtown LA 2 by -miss T- featuring LAROK

Like, not in the office. For me, part of the appeal of the boyfriend jacket is it's comfortable. This outfit works because it's taking an old style, double-breasted gray blazer just about out of the trash and reinventing it for clubbing. This look is all about rebellion, thumbing one's nose at the beaurocracy that says "No, that's not how you wear a double breasted gray blazer!" And this look says to the naysayers, "it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it". Also, this outfit is extraordinary because it's so well controlled, and looks crazy cool. The gentle firm editing to a single pop of hot pink, and the attention to texture and lines is superb.

August, 2009
August, 2009 by Da Vera featuring Dorothy Perkins

This look is ALSO about rebellion. Taking the tuff girl jacket and pairing it with the softest, most feminine of prints, a floral. The mix of brown and silver is inspired, and RARELY excecuted with this degree of success.

You'll also note that both boyfriend blazers have 3/4 length sleeves. This is SO important to pulling the jacket off. If it doesn't fit just so, the jacket starts to look dumpy or dowdy. Pushing the sleeves up and pulling the jacket in at the waist slightly enhances the feminine shape underneath and reveals a youthful cool. By pushing the sleeves up, you're wearing the jacket, it's not wearing you. Just thought I'd throw in that hint.


.:*aMbAr*:. said...

I'm loving that second look there, it's something I would def wear.