Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Set of the Day

Well, everyone, I'm back. School has finished, I am not yet working full time again, and my company has, at least temporarily, lifted the ban on Polyvore in the workplace. Thusly, I thought I'd celebrate by featuring my favorite set of the day.

Subliminal by eyesthatlie featuring RVCA
The thing about eyesthatlie is that all of her sets are so focused on this palette of desaturated colors, nearly black and white, grungy sort of feel. And for my money, few do it better. The other fun thing to do is imagine exactly how this would be worn. Would she roll the pants legs up a little bit to show off the shoe? Would the shirt be half tucked in? Would the vest be worn open or closed? How would she wear the bag? Would the panties be slightly visible? Would the hat be worn straight on the head or off a little, like a headband holding the hair back. I know how I'd wear it, (and I would wear it) but i also know that there's more than one way to pull off this look. So what eyesthatlie has created here is more than just an outfit, it's a wardrobe, filled with options and possibilities. Furthermore the look is incredibly cool without being costumey. This isn't "how to dress like a teenager", this is "how to dress for a casual day and look effortlessly cool". Granted, the older one gets, the harder it is to pull off this look, but with some minor adjustments, I'd say almost any age woman could wear these clothes and pull it off. And that is why this is my set of the day.