Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Set of the Day

"Big City Life" by guccilovexo

Just spectacular; Awesomely cool, while maintaining a summery breeziness. The bag and the shoes were MADE to be worn together. The hat...a blue straw fedora...HAS to be the only one in existence...This is another example of a totally chic but totally COMFORTABLE look. I am the kind of woman who shakes her head and rolls her eyes when I see a severe looking chick in razor sharp stilettos, tight skirt and any other painful type of clothing you can think of...maybe it's sexy, but in everyday life...why put yourself through that when you can look like this?!? Of course, anyone with a brain knows that this is a sexier look. (Did you ever notice that most men don't have brains when it comes to women? What's up with that? I was in a dressing room and and this girl's boyfriend was reviewing her clothes, and she put on this uncomfortably tight top where her gut was hanging out ... she didn't like it but he loved it. What's even MORE aggravating is she BOUGHT it...what is WITH that? But I digress...)I am a big fan of this set. Well done, guccilovexo!