Monday, August 24, 2009

Mid-Century Mondays

Happy Mid-century Monday, a day when we look back at the glorious era of ultra-flattering, super-feminine style. Since it's still summer, I thought I'd feature a summery set, so this is Mid-century monday: Swimsuit Edition!

This gorgeous set embodies the feel of the 50's without entering costume territory. This has a fabulous Grace Kelly thing going on. The subtle shade of pink throughout, the simple bows strategically placed to add perfect balance and the general aura of roses and gentle summer breezes makes this set stand out.

The cut is in all ways classic, from the halter neck to the modest low-cut legs. The look itself is modern, but it draws its inspiration from the greatest decade in female fashion (and male fashion, for that matter) to create a sexy, modern, feminine look that will and SHOULD appeal to all ages. Well done, nadi!