Monday, August 24, 2009

Set of the Day

i dream that you are still here
i dream that you are still here by cloho deux featuring Calypso

There were so many wonderful sets today! I chose this one as set-of-the-day because the designer is new to me and I LOVE her. Granted, I've been away from Polyvore as a regular for MONTHS, but I like to think I kept in the loop fairly well. Not well ENOUGH, as this genius slipped under my radar for so long.

Anyway, in regards to the set; It's dreamy, isn't it? There are three main colors here, a soft pink, sky blue and cream. All of those colors are tinged with hints of metallics and browns...keeping it from appearing childish or too clean. Thusly, it has a foggy feel to it, like nearly focused but not quite. I know when I dream, that's just how I it's right there in front of me and I'm seeing it, but I'm incapable of seeing anything BUT that. I don't know, maybe I'm not making any sense. The whole set reminds me of my favorite childhood book of fairy tales and it's all to do with just the right choices in color, texture and general ambience. Of course, I should expect nothing less from a fellow Graphic Designer. Kudos to you, Cloho Deux!