Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two for Tuesday: SEQUINS!!!

There was a time I didn't like sequins...about ten years ago, when sequins were too Joan Collins and old lady. But the thing I love about fashion and being a fashion lover is this; You're NEVER tied to an opinion. Trends, likes and dislikes shift and flow like some lovely gossamer fluid, and today I can say "glitz and glamour is in, hippy dippy trippy is OUT" and in a month, I could feel the exact opposite and never have to apologize for it. The permission appeals to personalities like me who are terrified of commitment and yet have powerfully strong opinions. And for you ladies and gentlemen out there who are like me, don't even BOTHER trying to explain it to the outsiders. They just won't understand. I know this from experience.

ANYWAY, I bring this up because sequins are back in a big way, and it's not all bad. In fact, I think society is ready to respond to some supreme fabulousity. Sharp, edgy, glamourous, glitzy, vogue...these power concepts are starting to edge out soft, gentle, natural, green...our fashion-loving hearts want the former and there's nothing for it but to go with the flow. So with no further ado, you're 2 for Tuesday.

This is a fairly recent set that perfectly executes the modern sequin. It allows the sequins to make the statement and keeps the accents interesting, but secondary. It's not a subtle look by any means, but it COULD have gone overboard and it didn't. This is admirably restrained and Giselle is the PERFECT model for the look.

If that's too much for you, why not try accenting your look with some subtle sequin action? Here, we see Sequins on a tiny camisole under a jacket, just a hint of shimmer and texture, but nothing over done. You can accomplish this with anything, shoes, bag, skirts etc...Personally I could go either way depending on the occasion.